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It’s true.  It may be crazy but I hate Nude Bras.

I have opinions about just about everything.  Who knows if I am “right.”  But ask me a question, and I have an opinion.  I have opinions and then I have mad passionate opinions.

Off the top of my head they are:

-       Nude bras

-       Politics

-       Judgment of others

-       Treatment of others

-       Cruises

-       Coat hangers

-       Right and Wrong

-       Fact and Fiction

-       What you should do

-       How you should it

-       Pudding cups.  (No wait, not me, that’s my friend Tim.)

-       What you think of yourself

-       What is possible

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-       Change

-       Be the change

-       Creating change

-       Lots of change and a little bit of change

-       What’s possible

-       Language and linguistics aka the words you choose.

-       Logistics.  I am an organizer at heart.

-       Nannies, housekeepers, oh my!

-       Odd and even numbers

-       All things beautiful

Before my baby #2, I started a blog.  I wrote about work things, surviving work things, women issues and a handful of personal things.   With my little Firecracker’s arrival, I was so completely overwhelmed, writing had to go.  It wasn’t much a conscious choice; I could barely keep my head above water – much less write about it.

Some days, I feel I have enough breathing room to write again.  It’s a thing I actually really love to do.  So I am going to give it another go.  I hope you will forgive me for stepping away and continue on this journey with me.

And what’s my deal about nude bras? Read on if you are curious or just stop now.  Point is – have fun with your choices!

But really, to me, there is _absolutely_ no purpose for a nude bra.  Whose skin tone does it match anyway?  Not any of my friends.  So no purpose whatsoever.  Manufacturers would say the purpose is to hide it from popping through on white or sheer tops but wouldn’t you rather wear something fun anyway?? (Black? Gingham?)  What about the strap popping out?  Is it better to see nude or some bright color??  And if you need to be more conservative wouldn’t you wear a camisole then?

I can only think of one exception where a nude bra could be necessary.  That’s if the MET Gala gown requires a bra and a colored fun one just won’t work.  Hmmm… or perhaps you could find a backless dress instead?

In the end, I believe there is a lot of opportunity to add color to your life and they all don’t have to be in the most of obvious places.

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