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Running a business isn’t easy. It’s stressful, it’s all consuming and it can take over your life. There are so many things to do, and there’s simply not enough time to do it. Sometimes you feel like you need to do everything yourself, because no one else understands your business, and the work, like you do. The worst thing is, after all the hard work you put into your business, you’re not succeeding as you envision.

There is so much work to be done. You just start and go. First, you put out the fires, then take of the next looming deadline. You spend time managing some internal crisis and then that’s the day. But you didn’t get to do anything you wanted or needed to do. You are the central part of your team; but you can’t be all the time, you need to do more. You think ‘if I just put in more hours, it will work out’ and yet at some point something has to give.

In reality, that’s not how things happen. Nothing ‘gives’. You have more waves and flows, but never really get to what you want and need to get done. Your potential is suffering.

Change can come. You can reduce this stress and run an effective and efficient business. It all starts with your processes.

We can tell you exactly what you can fix and how. We can get you and your team aligned and focusing on the things that make you productive and profitable. We can help you wake up each morning knowing what your day will bring.

We have a four-step process to find out how your business can be improved:


As scary as it sounds; we watch, we observe, we record. When we take on your project, we want to make sure we fully understand what’s going on. We make sure we know exactly what it is you do, how you do it, how long you take doing it and where we can serve you.


We tell you the results of our analysis. We tell you our conclusions, we tell you our thoughts. And then we work with you to determine how you can improve yourselves to maximize your potential.


Now that we know where the troubles lie – we teach you. We’ll give you and your employees the key skills and tools necessary to implement the new processes within your daily work lives.

And here’s the kicker…


Yes, that’s right. Sometimes, some things are simply not best done in-house – or in your house. So, we can take it over for you. You may find a certain aspect of your project too overwhelming or perhaps you know it needs to be a focus but you just don’t have the time; we can take it off your hands. We source the professionals, we manage them, we make sure your deadlines are met and we see your project through to completion. Everyone’s happy.

We know our AT2D method works – we have a proven track record to confirm it. So why not let Girl Who Could figure it out for you, too?

What are you waiting for? Watch your business grow as we tidy up this mess and increase your productivity. Talk to us now and find out exactly how we can help you!


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